Storm Restoration


Summit General Contracting’s Storm Restoration Division!!!


Even well-built homes can suffer devastation when hailstones fall out of the skies, or tornados rip across the countryside. Being Texans, we know that these aren’t uncommon events. Two things are important: First, you and your family are safe. Second, who are you going to call to clean-up the mess? That’s when Summit General Contracting becomes your partner.

You want someone with experience that understands the scope of the job. Summit not only has the knowledge to complete all your Fort Worth storm damage repair needs, but the FLEXIBILTY to address only the items you select. This allows use the meet your needs, and handle the restoration project in the way most suitable to you, the homeowner.

You want someone who can negotiate with your insurance company to make sure you are made whole again. We have the tools and experience to negotiate with your insurance company.  We use the exact same software and methodologies the major insurers use. Often times, Insurance companies try only deal with visual, cosmetic damage. But, we are trained and certified to do everything possible to get you a fair estimate and eliminate every trace of the event. We will be your advocate.

That’s why, at Summit General Contracting, we pride ourselves in being the “one stop shop,” for your home restoration needs. We have experienced professionals on staff to handle every aspect of returning your lives to normal. One call is all it takes. That’s why we are here!

Storm Damage Restoration | Storm Damage Repair Fort Worth, TX

Summit General Contracting offers Fort Worth storm damage restoration services.  We have experienced professionals on staff to handle every aspect of your storm damage repair needs, so give us a call today at (817) 501-8333.