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As Fort Worth’s premier water restoration company, we have learned that response time, quality of service and cost, all have to come together if water remediation efforts are to be effective. By choosing our certified Fort Worth water damage restoration company, to perform the correct water restoration procedures, we are able to ensure you quality results every time. From simple water extraction to more complex water damage restoration and reconstruction projects, our team has what you need and when you need it.

The severity of damage is directly related to the length of time your home was exposed to moisture.  This will inherently effect how a reputable general contractor, and the insurance company, is going handle your claim.

Within minutes, moisture sensitive surfaces swell and disfigure, paper goods are ruined, and furniture and carpeting become stained.

Within hours your drywall softens and warps, wooden furniture can become permanently discolored and swell. Carpeting can be ruined from delamination (the separating of the carpeting from its backing). If left untreated, mold growth can cause serious health problems and excess moisture can cause home and building structural damage.

Within days, fungi, mildew, mold and bacteria begin to grow and flourish. Unpleasant odors begin to permeate the structure. Hardwood floors are ruined because of warping.

When performed properly, water removal, mold prevention & complete restorative drying of your home or business can save you thousands of dollars in mold remediation and water damage repairs. Whether you are facing wet carpets, walls or hardwood floors, we can safely mitigate the water damage and prevent mold. We will work to get your home or business back to normal as soon as humanly possible, in less than a few days in most cases.

We have the experience to negotiate with your insurance company.  Often times, Insurance companies try only deal with the visual cosmetic damage. But, we are trained and certified to do everything possible to eliminate every trace of the event.

We have the resources to address any issues and assist in any special needs of the client.

That’s why, at Summit General Contracting, we pride ourselves in being the “one stop shop,” for your home restoration needs. We have experienced professionals on staff to handle every aspect of returning your lives to normal. One call is all it takes. That’s why we are here!

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Water Damage Restoration Fort Worth, TX

Summit General Contracting offers Fort Worth water damage restoration services. We have experienced professionals on staff to handle every aspect of your water damage restoration needs, so give us a call today at (817) 501-8333.